Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Time for some Housekeeping

I've been meaning to update the website for quite some time, and the long Memorial weekend seemed the perfect time to do it. Of course, once I got started I quickly realized that I wasn't looking at just a simple layout change, but an entire overhaul. I never really paid attention to all the little things that bugged me about the website to begin with, but this seemed the perfect opportunity to address them all at once.

My current website is Flash based, and built on a predefined template. That didn't give me a lot of room to customize the website to my own style. To do that, I'd need to be able to code in HTML and Java. Although I have a very strong technical background, those two programming languages as about as native to me as Russian, French, and Arabic. Oh well, nothing like being put in a "sink or swim" environment. Even if I don't get my website to look perfect, at least it will be much better than what it has been for some time. I think I'll take it slow and work on something individually:

  • Redesign of the site logo
  • Add favicons
  • Redesign of the HTML splash page
  • Update of Galleries
  • Update of all price lists
  • Update contact lists and links to the new blog site!

The new website is going to be up at: www.briandownerphotography.com. Feel free to stop on by and I'd love to hear any comments/critiques on the website.