Sunday, March 8, 2009



I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot Rob and his Harley today. Rob is a MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) instructor, as well as a writer for motorcycle magazines. Plus, Rob is just a great guy, and I had a ton of fun shooting him and his bike.


This is just one gorgeous Harley, and even a sportbike enthusiast like myself can appreciate the beauty of this black and chrome piece of eye candy. I'll be editing these photos for quite some time. I'm sure that more than a few of them are going to make some great posters.


Thanks for a great time, Rob.

Sunday, March 1, 2009



You may recognize Steph from a blog entry last month. When I processed her images, she asked me if she could use one of them for a wedding announcement as she and her boyfriend had just gotten engaged. Well, of course she could use them, but I wanted to do something a little special just for them. So, I offered them an engagement shoot.

We decided to take some pictures out at Tempe Town Lake. I'm so glad we went outside for this series as the weather was just perfect for March in Arizona. Beautiful sunshine and a nice breeze made it just so much fun to be outside.

Big thanks to Steve at SCP Photography for his help today. Breezes are wonderful things, but not when you need to hold onto a 6 foot reflector panel that tends to act like a large sail.