Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Upgrades complete

Well, after a little bit of effort, I finally have all the upgrade pieces in place. I figured it was a good enough time to clean out the system and start fresh, so I made double sure I had all my files and images backed up and then I went the extra step of re-installing Windows XP and put SP3 on the machine. After restoring all my files, it looks like all is well. I did make one mistake and when I backed up my music files, I backed up their licenses as well thinking I could restore them. Unfortunately, I upgraded to Windows Media Player 11, which will not allow you to restore a license. Looking through all the whitepapers, and even from the download providers, it appears that the only backup solution for WMV, MP3 and other files protected with DRM is that you have to burn them to CD which completely removes the DRM protection entirely. Seems a bit odd, but I only lost a few files that I hadn't already burned to CD anyway. Not a huge loss.

So, it looks like I'm back in form to continue the Website upgrades. First on the list is to upgrade the price lists and contact information. I think this weekend should be a good time to tackle those items.