Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Commercial work


Today was a bit of a departure for me. I spent the afternoon doing commercial work for a local print company. The images were going to be used for brochures and such, and not portraiture in the traditional sense.


I was very challenged during this shoot. The lighting at the location was primarily florescent, which is the worst kind of lighting for a photographer. Florescent lighting actually has several color temperatures throughout a single sine wave, and if your shutter speed is too fast, you will typically end up with a horrible green or yellow cast that is not easily fixed. I was basically left with two options: use strobes, or try to balance for the fluorescent lights. Each option has it's pros and cons.

In the end, I have several GB worth of images, and I think the client will be thrilled. They have a bunch of great stuff to work with and update this manufacturing company's marking material.

Of course, I did take a bit of an opportunity to play a little bit, and stretch my artistic side. BTW, shooting welding is TOUGH. The light is changing constantly, and usually the environment isn't the most appealing from an aesthetic perspective.


Click on the images for larger sizes.