Saturday, February 21, 2009

Family session


Here are a few images from today's session with a family of 5. I had photographed the youngest boy last year, and I made mom promise to get the rest of the family in for a nice B&W session.

These boys, and the family as a whole, are just gorgeous. The oldest boy just has such an interesting energy about him, and the middle son is all play. I had a blast, but photographing a family like this requires that you have to be fast moving. It didn't leave me much time to try and satisfy the artist in me, but with the previews complete, I know they are going to love these images.


Oh, yeah. Here is the mother of those 3 boys, and the youngest is just turning two. No way I'd believe she has 3 children, much less 3 young boys.


As alwyas, click the pics for full size images.