Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hailey Elizabeth

This little darling is only 5 days old. She was just an absolute joy to shoot, and was probably the easiest newborn I've ever had. There wasn't a single whimper, or cry. She let me put her into any position I wanted (except for her legs which are so long that they wouldn't stay "tucked"). I didn't get "peed" on, which is always a great thing! Plus, she is just a cutie! How could you not love her. Best of all, I got to take her home after the shoot was over. That little angel is MINE!

Her three older siblings are as thrilled as her mother and I. My eldest daughter, who is only 4, has been a great help. She loves to fetch diapers and wipes, and best of all, she likes to dispose of them for us! I don't think life could be any better.